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Garage Door Coated And Galvanized Torsion Springs

Coated Torsion Springs


The End of Bare Naked Springs?

Is this the beginning of the end for non-coated oil-tempered springs?

Several spring-makers report that most of their sales now come from coated springs. In the last 18 months, spring manufacturers have stepped up efforts to promote their new coated springs at Expo and in industry publications.


Several of our spring specialists said the drive for coated springs came from the problem of rust. This problem can be exaggerated, but rust is a legitimate problem that can reveal itself even before the spring is installed.

Oil-tempered springs will eventually rust simply because they lack a protective coating. However, the new coatings do not prevent rust, but they do considerably delay the rust process.

Galvanized springs may actually offer greater rust-prevention qualities. The galvanized coating is generally applied before winding, allowing 100 percent of the surface to be covered.


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